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The first autonomous

robotic tool for Makers

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Removing the physical boundaries.

Traditional CNC machines are large, bulky, and stationary tools with physical limitations that hinder the creative capacity of many creators and makers whose ideas are larger than the small workspaces they are confined to. Goliath is the ideal solution for makers looking to create at scale.

wider work area

Make your large scale ideas tangible.

Goliath comes with built-in handles so you can easily store or take Goliath with you to your next location to continue working. Simply load your favorite CAD files via wi-fi, set your parameters and let Goliath do the rest of the work for you. 

Compact design

Reducing the risk

of human error.

Goliath has a lot of features including 0.1mm point of accuracy, Pillars that define the work area, and project route correction. It supports the automation of your projects with increased accuracy all while keeping safe and out of harm’s way.

Safe and precise

With Goliath you have the freedom to let your imagination run wild with a variety of materials to create furniture, skateboards, signage, and more.

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